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For whom?

This masterclass is designed for HR-professionals and professionals who:  

  • work within intercultural environments and who wish to improve their effectiveness and cross-cultural skills; 
  • lead global operations and manage diverse teams.

Need help? 

Reach out to us for questions about this course or our transportation and accommotion options. We respond within 3 business days. 

Jannice Daha LLM 
Manager Executive Education 
E: executive-education@uva.nl  
T: +31 (0)6 4834 9056

Why join this masterclass?

Understand cultural psychology

Strengthen your cross-cultural skills

Expand your business network

Joris den Breejen – Spatial Planning Advisor & Chair Study Committee at TenneT TSO & CIGRE
Copyright: ABS EP
I believe anyone should do this masterclass, if only to increase one's self awareness. Self awareness is after all the basis on which one can collaborate with others. Joris den Breejen – Spatial Planning Advisor & Chair Study Committee at TenneT TSO & CIGRE Read Joris's full review

What will you learn?

During this masterclass, you will:  

  1. gain an understanding of the influence of culture on the mind; 
  2. develop self-awareness of your own cultural conditioning; 
  3. explore psychology (emotions, cognition and behaviour) from a cultural lens; 
  4. develop cross-cultural skills and competencies; 
  5. learn to engage effectively in different settings. 
Cultural Psychology explained in 3 minutes

Lecturer and consultant Marianna Pogosyan explains what you will learn in this masterclass. How does culture shape our psychology, our minds and our perspective on the world?

Graham Doyle
Copyright: ABS EP
If you wish to better understand why and importantly, how people behave differently across cultures and what forms these behaviours, this is a masterclass for you. Graham Doyle – Business Transformation Consultant at Knab Read Graham's full review

Teaching staff

With her interdisciplinary doctoral research Marianna Pogosyan investigates culture’s influence on affective mechanisms and its implications for marketing. She works with international executives and their families on all matters of psychological adaptation to a life far from home. 


Fees vary depending on when you sign up. A tuition fee increase will apply from the autumn 2024 edition onwards.

Spring 2024

  Tuition* Application deadline Start date
Standard fee €1,950 25 June 2024 26 June 2024

Autumn 2024

  Tuition* Application deadline Start date
Early bird fee €1,950 2 October 2024 11 December 2024
Standard fee €2,290 10 December 2024 11 December 2024

* The fee is VAT-exempt.

Alumni get a 10% discount

UvA Alumni receive a 10% discount on the standard fee. Please note that this discount cannot be combined with the early bird discount.

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An in-depth understanding of our mind (psychology) greatly impacts building cultural competence (CQ). Amana Wong, Amana Learning Company Limited
This masterclass has helped me understand the influence of culture on the mind and develop self-awareness on my expat journey. I'm thankful for this experience and the wonderful people who shared their life experiences in the safe space that our teacher Marianna helped us create. Meylinh Hernández, International Account Manager