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Diversity & Inclusion

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How to develop an inclusive organisation that benefits from diversity. Learn about bias, inclusion, strategy, best practices, and create your own actionable D&I strategy right away.

Where do you start? How to attract a diverse group of employees? How do you make them stay? And how do you build an inclusive company culture?

This certified master program for HR professionals, D&I managers, CEO's or other professionals who start with D&I is a complete and intense program to provide you with all the information you need about every aspect of diversity and inclusion.  

All aspects of both diversity and inclusion will be addressed in this program with renowned scientists and experts from Europe and the USA who share their research, insights, and best practices. At the end of this programme, you will have all skills and tools you need to create your own personal, actionable D&I strategy. 

We will address the following topics and questions

Theory: The origin, forms and effects of social exclusion and inclusive culture: what it is, what it will bring.

Organisation: Organising for diversity and inclusion: recruiting, development, retaining diverse people, creating a movement (with male allies, employees).

Making the change: leadership, inclusive communication. 

The Buy In: How to get the ‘buy in’ in your organisation for your diversity & inclusion strategy and plan

Best practices from IBM, Lloyd Banking, Deutsche Telekom, and more 

Get to work: Your personal challenges and personal diversity & inclusion plan or strategy 

Unique to this course is the possibility to invite stakeholders from your own organisation for 5 of the lectures for free. It helps you to exchange your experience and knowledge and to help you better connect with your stakeholders: Essential for the success of your D&I strategy and implementation. 

“D&I has always fascinated me and as a layman I wanted to gain more professional knowledge. The program was well balanced with various professional speakers in this field. In addition to the regular course, the program also offered individual coaching sessions that I found to be very energetic and valuable and a good added value/contribution to the strategy and action plan.” Radha Sahadew, Diversity & Inclusion alumna

The Program

The programme Diversity & Inclusion counts 8 sessions. Divided in four chapters. The first chapter will discuss the theory around D&I, it's origins, effects and appearances. Followed by sessions around the creation of a diverse culture. The third chapter will cover all the things you like to know on how to organise D&I within your organisation. And we will end this programme with your plans and business case presentations/ best practises by people working in top D&I positions. 

We address the following subjects:

  • Biases explained and framed by psychological theory
  • The effects of social exclusion
  • Building an inclusive organizational culture
  • Inclusive communication
  • How to attract a diverse workforce?
  • Mitigating bias in selection and promotion decisions
  • Team diversity: How to limit the pains and stimulate the gains of working together
  • How to approach the development of diverse employees?
  • Beyond inclusion: How shared impact can help to increase and to retain a diverse workforce and minority leadership
  • How to retain a diverse workforce when they are a small minority?
  • Building a platform with diverse stakeholders within your organization and making sure ‘it’s not an HR thing’
  • Constructing an actionable D&I strategy
  • Special appearance by Harvard Business Review and book authors Brad Johnson and David Smith about involving men in gender diversity
  • Best practices by Warner Bros, IBM, Deutsche Telekom, Lloyd Banking, and more

Guest lectures, gamification, learning materials, and the possibility to bring your stakeholders to some of the lectures, are included in the program. Individual coaching is also offered to make sure your D&I strategy is a perfect fit for your organization with the emphasis on the subjects you would like to concentrate on (f.i. gender, culture/ethnic, or age diversity).

Programme creation and lecturers

This online program has been co-created and curated by Superwomen Academy and the University of Amsterdam Academy. 

  • Open to view the lecturers and guest speakers >>

    Agneta Fisher
    Fischer is a professor in Emotions and Affective Processes in the Social Psychology department at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Dean of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences. She does research on emotions, especially on the social function of emotions. She has written numerous articles on emotions and facial expressions (‘mimicry’) cultural and sexual differences in emotions and negative emotions such as anger, hate, and contempt. In 2010 she published her book ‘The sense and nonsense of emotions’.

    Sylvia Etter
    For more than 20 years Sylvia is working at AT&T. As Assistant VP IHR Systems & Program Management she is responsible for large, international projects and system integrations. With her team, she supports over 17,500 employees across 59 countries and she loves the cultural diversity that comes with it. She is mentoring and coaching employees and managers alike. Her passion for Diversity & Inclusion is reflected in her responsibility as Country Director of the Superwomen Academy DACH. For international conferences, she is a frequently booked speaker on the topics of Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development, and International HR. She is a member of the “Workforce Business Intelligence Board” of the Workforce Magazine and wrote a guest chapter on her Leadership perspectives, based on climbing mountain Kilimanjaro in 2017 in the Bestseller “One Step At A Time” by the author Michaela Wild.

    Wendy Broersen
    Founder and CEO of Superwomen Academy and Superpeople Academy and creator of this D&I program. Wendy Broersen is a serial entrepreneur, won several awards and nominations, had her own Dutch tv-show and is an international speaker. SA is an international company that helps other companies to attract, retain, and develop their female workforce. She likes to do things in a different way if she sees conventional ways don’t work or do not go fast enough. The inventor of Equalitypoly; the first management game to help companies to not just talk about diversity but get into action. 

    Wendy is often featured in the media about her expertise on topics around work and women, has written numerous articles on diversity herself, and is currently chair of the D&I forum of the NBCC. She speaks in Europe on the topics of gender diversity and cross-gender workplace relationships.

    Ginger Chien
    Ginger Chien is an open-mic storyteller, 80’s cover band keyboard player, diversity and inclusion speaker, and cell phone engineer. Her speaking experience includes technical lectures on emerging wireless technologies, presentations on D&I best practices, and workshops on emotional intelligence and storytelling. She spends a lot of time these days musing about the social implications of technology, the pace of change that has passed the inflection point of generational comprehension, and the reintegration of traditional collaborative communications and social purpose into a prevailing culture of competition and scarcity. She finds much of her personal joy expanding perspectives through her lens as a transgender woman of color, creating connections and community through storytelling, and watching a certain rural Washington town light up year after year when her transgender rock band comes to play.

    Ursula Brinkmann, Ph.D., Intercultural Business Improvement
    Ursula Brinkmann has been working with numerous organizations, among them Ericsson, DEG, Fellowmind, and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She currently focuses on how intercultural competencies help teams benefit from their diversity. With Oscar van Weerdenburg, she published Intercultural Readiness: Four competencies for working across cultures (Palgrave). In 2016, Ursula received the Margaret D. Pusch Founders Award by SIETAR USA. She has been involved in two Erasmus+ projects, Catalogue of Intercultural Tools for VET (2018-2020) and European Certificate for Intercultural Learning Professionals (2020-2022).

    Dagmar Pithan
    She has more than 20 years of HR executive leadership experience in Deutsche Telekom AG. She was responsible for global talent and succession management of DTAG, with the aim of maintaining global transparency on talent and successor pipelines in order to ensure the best possible placement. The topic of skill management, with the aim of developing a uniform global job architecture based on current and future skills, in order to derive appropriate future-oriented qualifications (software developer, IT architects ...), was also one of her projects. Nowadays, Dagmar advises medium-sized and large companies. In addition, she gives lectures at various congresses on the topic of people development, digitization, future work and networking, moderates workshops, and works as an executive coach.

    Jochen Etter
    Jochen Etter is Managing Director of Etter & Partner since 2014 specialized in Executive Search exclusively for the beverage industry. His clients come from all segments, ranging from manufacturers, dealers, suppliers to service providers. He has extensive experience in the beverage industry having worked for many years as General Manager of Heineken Germany and having held several senior management positions in Sales and Marketing at the Karlsberg brewery. He is passionate about service and is focused on excellence in the entire recruitment process starting from employer branding up to and including a successful onboarding process. One aspect he is specifically focused on is using best practices and the latest technologies to help his clients build a diverse workforce.

    Caroline Dullemen
    Dr. Caroline van Dullemen has more than 25 years of experience in international relations in various roles. She obtained her Ph.D. in 2017 from the Free University and has been affiliated with the Faculty of Social Sciences ever since. She previously worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as director of a political party's academic bureau, and as a social consultant at BPPS. She is the founder of WorldGranny, an NGO focused on aging and development issues. Van Dullemen is chairman of the board of the Wereldkeuken Haarlem, an initiative by and for refugees.

    Astrid Homan
    Astrid Homan is a professor in Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. She has published over 60 articles and book chapters on issues associated with diversity in organizations, focusing on the management of diverse teams, stimulating minority leadership, the role of organizational diversity ideologies and leadership, and stimulating positive interactions between individuals from different backgrounds. She has acted as a consultant for a variety of companies in the development of their diversity management strategies and strong beliefs in an evidence-based approach to stimulating positive outcomes of diversity in teams and organizations.

    Claartje Vinkenburg
    Claartje Vinkenburg Ph.D. is an independent expert consultant specialized in (gender) diversity in careers. Her area of expertise is careers in academia and professional service firms, where she looks at the impact of implicit bias, normative beliefs, and discursive practices on career patterns and outcomes. Claartje spent 25 years studying and writing on this subject at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She is committed to developing evidence-based interventions to promote diversity in organizations. Claartje is an affiliated research consultant with VU Amsterdam, Atria Institute for Gender Equality, and Portia Ltd.

    Brad Johnson PhD
    Professor of psychology in the Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law at the United States Naval Academy, and a faculty associate in the Graduate School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. A clinical psychologist and former commissioned officer and award-winning mentor. Dr. Johnson is the author of more than 100 journal articles and 14 books, in the areas of mentoring, gender in the workplace, and professional ethics. Recent books include Good Guys: How Men Can Become Better Allies for Women in the Workplace (2020, October, with David Smith) The Elements of Mentoring (3rd Ed.) (2018, with Charles Ridley), Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women (2016, with David Smith), On Being a Mentor: A Guide for Higher Education Faculty (2nd Ed.) (2015). He speaks around the globe on the topics of mentorship and cross-gender workplace relationships.

    David Smith PhD
    Associate Professor of Sociology in the College of Leadership and Ethics at the U.S. Naval War College. As a sociologist trained in military sociology and social psychology, he focuses his research on gender, work, and family issues including bias in performance evaluations, retention of women, dual-career families, military families, and women in the military. Former navy pilot and led diverse organizations for over 30 years.

    Author of many articles on Harvard Business Review for 4 years. He is the co-author of Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace and Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women. He speaks around the globe on the topics of mentorship and cross-gender workplace relationships.

    Amanda Kirby

    Professor Amanda Kirby is passionate about neurodiversity, wellbeing, and inclusion. She has an international reputation in the field of Neurodiversity. She is a medic and qualified as a GP, has a Ph.D. in the field of neurodiversity, and is an emeritus professor at the University of South Wales and an honorary professor at Cardiff University. Amanda is also a trustee of the ADHD Foundation, works closely with the BDA, Dyspraxia Foundation, and several Autism charities. Amanda is the CEO of Do-IT Solutions, which are Disability Confident Leaders. Do-IT is an innovative tech-for-good company providing web-based screening and assessment tools relating to neurodiversity for all ages.


Chance to meet other professionals working on D&I from all over Europe.

Scientific and Practical

Renowned scientists and experts from Europe and the USA + all the information you need to create your D&I strategy. 

Latest insights

We share international perspectives and practices and enable you to gain insight into the latest developments in this field.

Certificate & Coaching

Participants receive a certificate from the University of Amsterdam and via individual coaching a personal D&I plan.

Practical information



24 January

14.00-17.30 CET



25 January

14.00-17.30 CET



26 January

14.00-17.30 CET



1 February

15.00-17.30 CET



8 February

15.00-17.30 CET



15 February

15.00-17.30 CET



8 March

15.00-17.30 CET



15 March

15.00-17.30 CET



22 March

15.00-17.30 CET



31 March

9.00-17.00 CEST

Location in Amsterdam


1 April

9.00-17.00 CEST

Location in Amsterdam

The meetings take place online. In case it will be possible to meet in person the dates will be the same and online until the 22nd of March followed by two offline seminars: 

Thu. 31 March & Fri. 1 April 9.00-17.00 CEST 


EUR 2.950, - (learning materials are included, coaching, travel & hotel for the 2-day seminar is not included) or 4.950,- with 20 hour coaching included. VAT does not apply.

Participants receive a certificate from the University of Amsterdam.


Do you have questions about this program? Feel free to contact Esther Verhamme, E: e.verhamme@uva.nl, Whatsapp, or mobile: 0628759774.



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